School Standings Updated

A few days before the next tournament we’re updating Team Pojnts and School Standings.
Any question about standings please contact
Good luck everyone on Doubles Tournament this Saturday January 21st in west Allis.
All schools are welcome to play even no playing the Team Tournament.


January 21st – School Tournament is Coming

The next school table tennis competition will be on Sunday, January 21st.
It will be at the Irving Elementary School in West Allis.
Doors will open at 10:00am and competition will start at 11:30am.

The format for this competition will be doubles teams.
Attached is NYTTA competition format & policies 2017

There are some schools, both Wisconsin and Illinois schools, that have expressed an interest in participating but did not sign up in time for the first tournament in November.
Any and all schools are invited to participate, BUT their results will NOT count towards ranking points if a school team has not participated in at least all three competitions as described in the NYTTA competition format and policies.

The fee for a school team that has not previously registered is $20 per doubles team. Attached is NYTTA School Registration Form 2017 .

World Junior Championship – Sweden x China

“Epic Battle never ends”. For a long time, Sweden and China are nemesis.
Leading by legends such as Waldner, Apelgreen, Person and Lind against other legends Guoliang, Yan Sen, Ma Lin, Linghui and Gianliang, these giants showed the wolrd the best and more plastic Table Tennis all times and raise popupaity of our sport..
This week , Sweden introduced to the Table Tennis comunity their new legend and the only one player capable to stop teh big potency , China.
Truls Moregard books final place and in a few minutes everyone will gonna see his talent and strenght playing for a Gold Medal at the World Junior Championship in Italy.
Folow the link to watch a live streaming. Here

Riva del Garda, ITALIA, 30 Nov 2017. Singles 1/4 Final at the 2017 ITTF World Junior Championships.

School Tournament 2017 – Success!

The first NYTTA School Tournament of the season was held at Brookfield Academy on November 12, 2017. Twenty-two school teams participated in team competition and the action was indeed fast and exciting! Below are the results and current school team rankings.

The next tournament will be on Sunday, January 21, 2018. It will be a doubles event. More information will be coming.

Mequon-Thiensville School District Team B – 1st place
Oshkosh West Team A – 2nd place
Brookfield Academy Team A – 3rd place
Wauwatosa East Team A – 4th place
Oshkosh West Team B – 5th place
Brookfield Academy Team B – 6th place
Pewaukee Team A – 7th place
Brookfield Academy Team E – 8th place


Consolation Round

Brookfield Academy Team D – 1st place
Mequon-Thiensville School District Team A – 2nd place
Brookfield Central Team B – semi finalist
Pewaukee Team B – semi finalist