High School Tournament Finals

On March 11th we’ll have the  High School Singles Competition.
Some of the best high school players of Milwaukee area will compete to decide the Champion School of 2017 season.
The standings are published but everthing can change after singles competition.
Prepare your Paddle and Practice!


Youth Tournament

On Saturday 2017 Milwaukee TTC hosted one more Youth Tournament.
As our mission on development of youth table tennis in USA, we had the 1st 2017 Youth Tournament. In a few weeks new activities will be anounced. Prepare your Paddle and Practice.

Division A Division B
1st Dvid Jia 1st Ruilin
2nd Sirat Mokha 2nd Alex Mucek
3rd Mellynda Jia 3rd Ashwin Muthuvelu
4th Colin Kenney 4th Ethan Heller
5th Max Ivry
6th Immanuel Goveas

“Doubles can decide a team match”…

geralWas a Great Doubles High School tournament….In a few days, results and score points…

The phase above: “Doubles can decide a team match”, I heard from Jorgen Roskopf – Head Coach of German Team – in Dortmund 2012 , World Championship, while he was talking to another coach at the backstage. It’s really true! If you are playing a Olympic Team System and you don’t have a good doubles team, your chances decrease a lot.

On January 28th we saw very good singles players having a hard time adjusting their game style according their partner. This happens because it is not commom for people to practice doubles. I’m not talking about just techniques… FRIENDSHIP is very important in doubles too which means : You have to know your partner like the palm of your hand. A perfect conection is required to be a good doubles team.

Well the tournament is done and some upsets are registered at the desk. We will know soon if the doubles will affect the final results…


See you in March 11th…..


High School Team Tournament 2016


On November 19, 2016, the National Youth Table Tennis Association and Milwaukee Table Tennis Club hosted the first High School Team Tournament for the 2016-17 season and made history with a record number of high school players. Over eighty enthusiastic players from Wisconsin and Illinois played to decide who has the best Table Tennis Team. The NYTTA High School tournaments are a crucial component in its mission to promote youth table tennis in the US.
Coach Chico and Linda Leaf of NYTTA have worked hard to develop a format for high school competitions that encourages and rewards schools that make a commitment to build a table tennis program. “There is a strong recreational ping pong culture in the US and this can be the foundation to push that culture towards the sport of table tennis, starting with youth players,“ said Coach Chico, who was recruited by MTTC and NYTTA from Brazil.
Thanks to all of the teachers, parents and players who put a lot of energy and time in building high school table tennis. And, congratulations to the winners!

SAVE THESE DATES AND PREPARE YOUR TEAM: the next high school competitions will be on Saturday, January 28th, and Saturday, February 25th.

If you have any questions please contact chicott@chicott.com


1st Brookfield Aacademy A
2nd Pewaukee A
3rd Peawaukee B
4th Brookfield Aacademy B
5th Oshkosh West
6th Richland Center A
7th Brookfield Aacademy C
8th Wauatosa East A

Pewaukee High School senior earns college table tennis scholarship


Pewaukee High School senior Ross Pelzel (center), who was awarded a scholarship to play table tennis at St. Louis University, is congratulated by Pewaukee Ping-Pong club adviser Kirk Stimpert (left) and Pewaukee High School Athletic Director John Maltsch. Photo By Submitted photo

It’s not uncommon to read about Lake Country athletes securing college scholarships for sports such as football, basketball or volleyball.But it’s not every day you hear about one who earns a scholarship for table tennis.Ross Pelzel did.Pelzel, a senior at Pewaukee High School, was offered a $3,000 annual scholarship to play table tennis at St. Louis University.The 18-year-old can’t accept it because he was fortunate enough to earn another full scholarship to St. Louis, but he does plan to join the table tennis team there.This time of year, Pelzel is busy swinging a racket for the Pirates tennis team.But during the winter, his tool of choice is a paddle.And instead of a 36×78-foot tennis court, his playing surface is an elevated 5×9-foot table.Pelzel, whose parents are Jeff and Patricia Pelzel, said he played Ping-Pong a few times with his dad as a kid, but he didn’t start playing in earnest until his freshman year in high school when he joined the Pewaukee Ping-Pong club.The future Billiken said he was “really bad” at first, but then got a lot better.”So I thought it was fun and that it was something worth putting extra effort into,” he said.Pelzel said his favorite part about the game is that much of it is mental. Continue reading