Welcome to the Wisconsin State School Championship

Next Saturday November 17th, 9 am, Pewaukee High School will host the opening of the Wisconsin State School Championship. Linda Leaf  has organizing the Championship for over 6 years and Number of students has growing and students are im proving their techniques every year. International referee and one of the table tennis icon in USA, Linda is the best table tennis reference in midwest and responsible direct for all table tennis in Milweaukee area working hard for over 15 years to build a solid table tennis comunity. Every acomplishment known has Linda Leaf as responsible and from 2018 Linda has a National Youth Table Tennis Association – NYTTA, expanding from Milwaukee area to whole midwest and USA.
Some states like Illinois, North Carolina, Minessota and Alabama are interested in join NYTTA having the same system.
Mr. Kirk Stimpert which is one of organizers and hostes is excited and motivated helping to increase and improve midwest table tennis. Kirk is a passionate player who is doing a wonderful job for a long time and now proved once more his value.
The 1st competition is in singles and important points for the championship can be accumulated . Very soon we’ll announce the 2nd stage will be Doubles competition. which has the same points system than the Singles.
For closure, the 3rd and last stage will be the Team competition which has the double points and can decide the 2018 State Champion.
Follow the address to reach the gym.Pewaukee High School, 436 Lake St., Pewaukee, WI 53072


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